Monday, January 2, 2012

Half Bath Renovations

I remember the days where I used to be devastated to receive a gift card for Christmas. The suspense of a gift all wrapped up in it's paper cocoon was always more alluring than a piece of plastic.  My how the times have changed...

We (I) chose to use our $100 Lowe's gift card (plus some other funds) to renovate our downstairs half bathroom. Eight months after moving into our new home our pepto bismol meets floral fields bathroom finally needed to go.

Half Bath --Before
I'd like to recommend nobody ever again install a wallpaper border in their home. They are horrible. They never "keep up" with the times and when you decide to sell your me. Only the suckers thinking they are Martha Vila (like us) will buy your house! They will then hate that they ever convinced themselves that wallpaper was "no big deal" and spend countless months cursing your name! ::sigh::

Half Bath --Before

After 2.5 hours of scraping wallpaper off the bathroom walls, I did a little research on HGTV.  There I found suggestions for the proper way to prepare paneling you wish to paint. We found a sanding sponge (or so that's what I call it) worked wonders. I believe we used 60 grit and the varnish on the paneling came right off with fairly minimal effort. After sanding we wiped down the walls and then used Kilz to prime the surface. I know it costs more, but I just don't think you can go wrong!

Tip: after sanding and priming your paneling, you can fill your grooves with mud if you choose to have a flat surface. Don't mud BEFORE priming.

The other big project was to refurb the vanity. When we first bought our house I remember walking into this particular bathroom and thinking, "That awful thing will be the first to go!".  Eight months later I'm so happy I didn't use a sledge hammer that first week! It is amazing what Valspar spray paint in a deep chocolate brown and a few new brushed nickel fixtures can do! After deciding the vanity top was actually in great condition, I figured we had nothing to lose. I strongly recommend (thanks mom) to spray paint a vanity over using a paint brush.  This way you have a clean finish without brush strokes. By far this vanity has become my favorite transformation thus far in our house!

I also say (7 rooms later) not cheaping out on your paint is a must! Valspar Signature paints have not done us wrong yet. I do find after 7 rooms, if you prime first, there hasn't been a need to do a second coat! I chose a teal color to coordinate with the brown and then added a new medicine cabinet and got rid of that horrible mirror.

Point of today's blog...junk can turn into treasure and paint should be your best friend! I'll let the pictures further speak for themselves!

Half Bath --After

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  1. Nice improvement! Can you come to my house next? :) xo